LuKa Group 10/17/2013

Thursday, October 17th saw the debut of the amazing talent of LuKa Lautaro Bellucca performing his own compositions with his ultra talented band. This was one hell of a night, and we look forward to having LuKa Group back at Sappho very soon!

LuKa Group

This project is a reflection of emotions, stories, images and specific moments expressed through compositions written by Luka. These original songs cannot be defined into one single genre but as a mixture of different styles such as Funk, Rock, Drum & Bass, Tango and Argentinian Folk music expressed through the language of jazz.


A fine combination of local and international top musicians bring their unique vibe to the band and create the unique atmosphere intended for each song.


Oren Dashti – Piano & Keyboard

Fabio Moreira – Guitar

Olivia Berendsohn – Vocals

Shawna Yang – Saxophone & Flute

Tzu-Yu Huang (Fish) – Drums

LuKa Lautaro Bellucca – Bass, Doublebass & Composition











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